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One Call Alert Review

Reviewed by: top 10 medical alert systems team
Nov 15 2023

As you search for affordable medical alert systems for yourself or a loved one, the number of options can seem overwhelming. To help you determine which one is the best medical alert system for your needs involves reading genuine reviews like this one. The One Call Alert review below covers products, types of plans, benefits, any drawbacks, pricing, and more.

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Leading Features of the One Call Medical Alert System

As with each of our detailed reviews, we start by pointing out the top three features. For One Call Alert, the standout characteristics, in our eyes, are:

  • Very affordable plans
  • 20 years in the industry
  • Mobile Double for multiple users

One Call Alert specializes in providing medical monitoring for in-home or on-the-go to seniors who want to maintain independent living. Its systems are nation-wide; the cellular-based systems use AT&T wireless coverage, dependent on your location.

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One Call Alert Review: What Types of Systems are There?

Determining whether One Call Alert is right for you or the older adult in your life depend largely on whether there is a suitable system. There are five products to choose from:

  • In-Home Landline – Uses your existing landline phone line for protection in and around the house. This 24/7 monitoring system includes a base unit and medical alarm button with two-way communication through its built-in speaker.
  • Mobile On-The-Go – 24/7 monitoring protection at-home and away-from-home with GPS-enabled tracking and two-way communication, anywhere with cellular coverage. Optional fall protection is available.
  • Complete Protection – Get help at home and on-the-go, without needing a landline, 24/7. It includes a home base station, GPS-enabled tracking and two-way communication ability for the mobile device. Fall detection is an optional feature.
  • In-Home Wireless – No landline is necessary for this 24/7 cellular-based monitoring system that protects in and around the house. It includes GPS technology and a two-way speaker, with optional fall detection.
  • Mobile Double – A standout in this One Call Alert review, Mobile Double offers protection to two people who live at the same address. The system features two mobile GPS devices, uses cellular technology, and has a fall detection option.

Looking at the lineup, you will see immediately that there are both at-home and mobile choices monitored 24/7. That means it offers help for both seniors who are home most of the time (in-home systems) and those who are out and about a lot (mobile systems). We like seeing this variety available from one company.

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How do We Rate the Support Level?

Many online reviewers explain that when calling the company about signup, the team is helpful but not pushy about sales. They offer a lot of knowledge, according to several reviewers, by phone and using the instant chat feature on the website.

When it comes to setting up the equipment, if you have any questions, simply call the company or instant message them via the website for assistance within a reasonable time. The setup is designed to be straightforward.

As well, fall detection is an optional feature available for all One Call Alert systems, except for the In-Home Landline. It’s a great support feature to point out in this One Call Alert system. It automatically detects a fall and sends assistance even if you are not able to press the button. In the case of a fall, which seniors are highly at risk of having, it’s an additional feature to consider adding to your system.

Plus, the cellular systems, such as Complete Protection, do not require that you have a cell phone. Instead, One Call Alert handles the cellular details, so you needn’t worry about setting up a cell phone account.

Ease of Use of the One Call Alert System

The In-Home Landline system is simple to use, featuring a wearable device that connects to the base unit. Simply press the button to activate the embedded speaker that has two-way communication with an emergency response team member.

The ability to have a full conversation via the two-way speaker is very useful. The operator can ask questions of the senior to help determine which response unit would be best to send to assist them. Also, the senior has the reassurance that their request for help was heard, and they’re not alone when they hear a voice speaking back to them via the device.

As for how to wear the emergency button, it comes in a lanyard or wrist style. Both styles are simple to put on and look discreet too.

It can even be worn in the shower as the button is waterproof. That’s great news as falling while in the shower or while getting in and out of the bathtub is a real risk for seniors.

As for how far the system can be in use, the in-home systems have a long range of 1,300 feet between the base unit and wearable button. This distance likely covers seniors going into their yard and around the inside of the home; always check to make sure the range is large enough for you before buying a system to ensure there is enough coverage.

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One Call Alert System Review of Pros and any Limitations

When it comes to pricing, One Call Alert is among the most affordable options on the market. They provide quality equipment at a budget-friendly monthly price, whether you want an at-home system, a mobile one, or a combination of the two.

Each plan available from One Call Alert company has options to pay annually, semi-annual, quarterly, or monthly. It is cheaper to pay annually versus monthly.

We like that there are no hidden fees, and the equipment is all included in the affordable monthly price, rather than being an extra expense for you. Also, there are no long-term contracts and no activation fees. Sometimes there are limited-time promotions too.

Not all plans include free ground shipping of the equipment to you, though. Be sure to inquire about whether shipping is included in your chosen plan when signing up so that you know what to expect.

As well, there is a risk-free trial for 30 days for customer protection. That’s a great way to make sure it’s right for you.

Finally, we would be remiss in this One Call Alert system review not to mention the terrific reputation of this company. They have 20 years of experience providing personal emergency response systems to older adults.

The One Call Alert systems are well known among those who are considered authorities in the medical industry. As per the website, they are recommended by doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and educators in the medical field. The site shows endorsements by the American Diabetes Association, American Medical ID, CVS pharmacy, Walmart Pharmacy, Mended Hearts, and other recognized health-related authorities.

Also, countless reviews from happy customers are online. The reviews include five-star ratings for the fast response users received in response to pressing the help button. Other reviews commend the operators for being polite and always available.

How is The One Call Alert System Unique?

The Mobile Double system is a standout in the industry. It was the first bundled system for multiple users. This one is great for couples who can use the same system at a low-cost rate.

It includes patented GPS-tracking technology and AT&T cellular coverage across the nation. Thus, this bundle is one to consider for two people who live at the same address who want protection both while they’re at home and on the go. It even comes with a risk-free 30-day trial period.

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One Call Alert Review Conclusions

One Call Alert offers both in-home and mobile systems for older adults, with an optional fall detection feature available for all but one of the systems. They even provide the Mobile Double for two people who live in the same house, which is revolutionary.

Each system, whether it is landline-based or cellular-based is affordable, without falling short on the quality of the equipment. The systems with waterproof emergency buttons are also easy for seniors to use, even if they are not well-versed in technology.

Finally, One Call Alert is a company with 20 years of experience, who is recommended by several health-related authorities and real users. For all these reasons, we recommend One Call Alert as one of the best medical alert systems.

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About the Research

Our team seriously researched for the best medical alert system and this website provides in-depth, honest reviews of medical alert system companies to help you find the best one for you and your family. As there are many types of medical alert systems, it’s easy to get confused. That’s why we bring you only the top companies and tell you everything you need to know about them. With all of the leading medical alert systems here in one place, quickly see how they compare to one another and which one offers you the best support for your needs. All the research is done for you, thus saving you time and helping you make an informed buying decision.

Disclosure, Disclaimer: The information we provide on our website is not a medical advice and, thus, should not be treated as such. We provide quality reviews based on a significant amount of research time and effort. Carefully writing each of the best medical alert system reviews is important to us so that readers have as much information as possible. We are grateful to be of service and bring you content free of charge. In order to do this, please note that when you click links and purchase a system, we may receive a commission. Your support in purchasing through these links enables us to keep providing you with content and opinion to the best of our knowledge. Rest assured that our team spotlights the medical alert system providers that we genuinely believe are the top picks. Thank you!

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Our reviews of top 10 best medical alert systems are genuine, in-depth and written by our team that care about what you buy. The purpose of each review is not only to show you the benefits of a particular service but also to point out any drawbacks of it and how it compares to others on the market. And yes, it takes hundreds of hours to research and write, so to keep going with our efforts, we may earn a commission from qualifying purchases.

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