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MobileHelp Review

Reviewed by: top 10 medical alert systems team
Nov 15 2023

As you search for the best medical alert system, you are sure to come across MobileHelp. They have been in existence for several years, but exactly what are their products and services? Use this MobileHelp review to help you decide if it is the right system for you or a loved one.

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MobileHelp Review: What are the Leading Features?

The top three features of this personal emergency response system are:

  • Packages available for every budget
  • Many devices available for different lifestyles
  • Unique MobileHelp Connect tracking platform

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Product Categories for the Best Medical Alert System

The MobileHelp product lineup is available across all 50 US states and consists of three main categories:


  • MobileHelp Classic – Based on the AT&T cellular network, this system features a base unit and does not use a landline for in-home protection. Optional features are automatic fall detection and MobileConnect.
  • MobileHelp Wired Home – A landline-based system with two-way communication built into the wearable pendant. It includes MobileConnect access.

On The Go

  • MobileHelp Solo – GPS tracking is included in this mobile system that is designed to protect its user inside and outside of the home. It includes access to MobileConnect.

Complete Protection

  • MobileHelp Duo – The combination of MobileHelp Solo and MobileHelp Classic enables this package to provide both at-home and mobile protection.
  • Mobile Duo – This medical alert system combines two help buttons. It has GPS technology.

MobileHelp Review of Pricing

The MobileHelp Classic has the cheapest monthly fee of the personal emergency response systems from this company. The Wired Home system is slightly more per month, and the others are higher in price than those two but still competitively priced.

We like that there is a range of offerings for different budgets from this one company. Thus, there is likely something to satisfy anyone looking for this type of product and service.

As the product line-up above shows, there are at-home and mobile systems, as well as ones that operate with a landline and ones that use a cellular network. The Duo options also allow customers to get the best from both mobile and at-home, depending on their needs.

Finally, there is no equipment to buy as it is supplied to you by MobileHelp. Having no activation fee either is a substantial savings.

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Is MobileHelp the Best Medical Alert System for Support?

Choosing a mobile alert system is an important decision. To help you decide which system fits your lifestyle and medical needs the best, MobileHelp has a customer service team available to answer questions and guide you through the signup process.

There are several positive reviews online about the informative and friendly service. Having questions answered thoroughly can go far toward giving seniors feelings of safety when living alone, as well as peace of mind for caregivers.

Furthermore, emergency alerts are handled through two US-based facilities; one is in Syracuse, New York, and the other is in Corona, California. The emergency monitoring service occurs through a close partnership with Rapid Response, a company that has been providing this type of service for over 25 years.

Rapid Response even earned the distinction of CSAA Central Station of the year in 2016. Also, having local facilities and using the well-known AT&T cellular network can provide reassurance for users that they will get reliable help when they need it.

For the best customer service possible, MobileHelp employs Spanish bilingual operators who can respond to alarms for people who speak Spanish rather than English. They also use LanguageLine to interpret close to 250 languages.

Furthermore, the US operators for MobileHelp go through a significant training program, including critical event training, and continually undergo further education to ensure they’re at their best.

Finally, Mobile Help is among the best medical alert systems for its long range from base to pendant. It is 600 feet, which most people find covers their entire house and yard.

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Ease of Use: Our MobileHelp Review Thoughts

The emergency buttons can be worn on the neck or wrist. Several users have online reviews that discuss how lightweight they are, so the button does not get in the way of their lifestyle.

The equipment features a two-way speaker that provides the wearer with the ability to talk to and respond to the trained operator. Being able to have a conversation can help the operator best determine how to assist the senior and send the ideal help unit immediately to them.

According to many Mobile Help reviews, the equipment for the chosen system arrives within a week of ordering it. The systems are designed to be installable easily at home.

Should you have questions, simply call the customer agents at MobileHelp for help or use their website’s convenient live chat feature. Their website also has online user guides available to help with installation and operation, although they’re designed to be straightforward in both regards.

If you are using a cellular-based system, MobileHelp takes care of everything with the mobile provider AT&T. You don’t have to start a cellular phone account or create a contract.

If you want to change your plan or upgrade over time, more than one MobileHelp review explains that this is easy to do. That way you can get exactly the system you need.

Tip: Any questions? MobileHelp is ready to help. Call now.

(877) 581-9896

Best Medical Alert System Pros and any Drawbacks

We would be remiss in this MobileHelp review not to mention a great extra feature that comes with each of their systems. MobileConnect is an online portal accessible through an app or desktop computer. It provides you as the senior or the caregiver with a lot of information.

For example, receive emergency alerts, as well as non-emergency ones, and system status alerts. If you have GPS-enabled on-the-go system, MobileConnect allows as many as 30 Location Service requests per subscription.

While MobileConnect comes with each MobileHelp system, though, it has more options with the mobile equipment that has more included options.

Speaking of the equipment, if it needs to be replaced, that can be expensive, unfortunately. Something we discovered during this MobileHelp review is that the company will not cover any damaged or lost equipment.

However, the initial installation is free for the equipment, and you can expect it to be high quality as it comes from a company that has been offering help for a decade.

Each button is also waterproof, whether it is worn on the neck or wrist. Thus, seniors can wear it even in the shower, when there is a fall risk.

In the event of this issue, you might add a fall detection button to your MobileHelp system. As one of the best medical alert system companies, each system has the option of a fall detection button at an affordable add-on price each month.

Then, if you fall and are unable to talk or cannot press the button, the GPS tracking technology will enable the operator to contact the appropriate resource to get help to you at your current location immediately.

Lastly, enjoy a 30-day trial with each system, so you can try out the equipment without feeling the obligation to sign up for months at a time. There is also no long-term contract to sign and no cancellation fee.

MobileHelp Review Conclusions

MobileHelp offers in-home and mobile personal emergency response systems for different lifestyles and budgets. Their Duo systems combine on-the-go and at-home convenience for those who want the best of both worlds.

The wearables feature modern technology, including two-way speaker communication and optional fall detection. They are designed to be easy to use, and support is always available, from signup through to the MobileConnect platform. With its affordable and diverse products and packages, we consider MobileHelp to be one of the best medical alert systems.

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