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Medical Care Alert Review

Reviewed by: top 10 medical alert systems team
Jan 13 2023

Finding a medical alert system for you or a loved one is a big decision. Finding one that suits your needs and preferences takes significant research. To help you save time, this Medical Care Alert review provides all the details you need to decide if it’s the ideal one for you.

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Medical Alert Review: 3 Leading Features

Medical Care Alert provides personal medical alert systems and 24/7 monitoring services. The best features of their systems are:

  • Unique RemoteCare 24/7 App feature
  • U.S.-based monitoring operators
  • Fast 4G LTE cellular connection (for Home & Away system)

Finding the Best Medical Alert System for You

Medical Care Alert offers several different systems. Here are descriptions of each one:

  • Home – An in-house system with shower-safe two-way communication buttons available in a pendant or wrist style, with optional fall detection feature. It uses a landline phone connection and base unit, with an optional cellular system available.
  • Home & Yard – A base unit and shower-safe pendant are the basis for this system designed to cover the home and yard. Wear the two-way communication pendant as a necklace, on your belt, or on the wrist; it has a 600-foot radius.
  • Home & Away – A GPS best medical alert system to go anywhere in the U.S. It features GPS, Wi-Fi, and an AT&T 4G LTE cellular connection. The pendant is shower safe and has the option to locate with the RemoteCare 24/7 App feature. It has an optional fall detection feature too.

The services are available across all 50 states of the United States. It is designed for seniors and those who are any age and want assistance in case of a medical emergency.

Medical Care Alert Review of Pros and Any Limitations

As with our other best medical alert systems, we provide a balanced approach to reviewing the systems by providing benefits and drawbacks, if there are any. A big pro is that there are both landline and cellular systems available.

Landline and Cellular Systems

The Home system, for example, is available in both landline and cellular. Thus, if a senior does not have a landline phone, Medical Care Alert will provide a cellular-based system to accommodate them.

The Home & Away system features a fast 4G LTE cellular connection from AT&T. The use of 4G LTE rather than 3G means that there is greater speed, which is terrific for the user.

It is more reliable than 3G, and that difference matters in the case of an emergency. Not all the best medical alert systems feature 4G LTE, so we appreciate when we see it included in a system, especially one that is reasonably priced.

Systems for Various Lifestyles

There are also various systems for different lifestyles, which means that it appeals to a range of customers. For example, the Home system is likely best for someone who is home alone a lot or left alone for long periods.

Meanwhile, the Home & Yard system will likely suit someone who wants the peace of mind that they are monitored in case of an emergency while in their yard area and getting the mail. For those who have larger homes or yards, they will get more coverage than with the basic Home system.

Finally, the Home & Away system is likely to appeal to someone who wants to go further than their yard, using AT&T cellular. It works anywhere in the U.S. where there is a cellular connection. This system helps seniors and other users maintain their sense of independence while still having the peace of mind that they are monitored in case an emergency occurs in the future.


As well, each system is reasonably priced, especially given that each system has a lifetime replacement warranty on its equipment. That warranty applies only to natural wear and tear.

Furthermore, there is no long-term contract to sign, which is absolutely a plus for us to include in this Medical Care Alert review. The company offers three payment options, which are semi-annual, annual, and quarterly.

Unfortunately, there is no month-to-month option. The shortest amount you can sign up for is three months. To save money, you can pay annually, which lowers the monthly price.

Also, you will not have to pay for equipment, and there is no setup fee. For a small amount more per month, you can add the automatic fall detection feature.

Optional Fall Detection

Auto fall detection refers to getting automatic help if you fall or lose your balance and end up on the ground without the ability to press the help button manually. This system is one to consider if you have dizzy spells or risk becoming unconscious.

While some systems include this feature within them, Medical Care Alert does not. However, it is easy to add the feature to your package when signing up.

If the system determines that you have fallen, it automatically sends a call to the emergency call center. If you can press the help button too.

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Ease of Use of the Best Medical Alert System

The equipment is easy to use, as many online reviews explain. This statement holds true even for seniors who might typically be overwhelmed by technology.

The design features a help button, which is within a wearable pendant. The user chooses to receive the pendant within a necklace, wristband, or to clip it to their belt.

It is shower safe, which means that the push button will not stop working if it gets wet while the user is in the shower or bath. That is a great feature as seniors are at a risk of falling while in the bathroom.

Simply pushing the wearable emergency button sends the alert to the call center. It is designed to be easy to press even for arthritic hands.

Each pendant has two-way communication, which means that the user can speak with the cell center specialist and they can talk back so that the specialist ensures they send appropriate help to the location. Numerous web reviewers explain that the voice heard at the call center is clear and that this operator stays on the line until help arrives, which is reassuring for anyone who is hurt.

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Medical Care Alert Review of Quality of Support

An area where Medical Care Alert excels is in the area of support. There are two U.S.-based monitoring centers. One is in New York, and the other one is in California.

Having U.S.-based call centers gives many people peace of mind who may not trust the reliability of an outsourced center. Also, if there is an emergency team dispatched, the company sends a call or SMS text message to the contacts on file to notify them.

Furthermore, web reviews note many times that they received friendly assistance from the operators during their emergency. Moreover, the company gets great reviews for its help during signup and installation of the equipment. It’s no wonder that they received the distinction of Monitoring Center Of The Year in 2016 from the Central Station Alarm Association.

The call center operators are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year long. There are Spanish-speaking operators during each shift, as per the Medical Care Alert website.

However, operators only speak Spanish or English. We hope they will have operators soon who can speak more languages to accommodate those who have a limited understanding of those two languages.

With that being said, the operators are EMT and EMD Certified, which means they are trained in how to handle emergencies. They undergo a six-week training program.

When the help button is pressed, the operator will ask if the user needs help and, if so, send the appropriate assistance right away. They will also have the user’s medical and contact information on file so they can tell an emergency team any conditions that they need to know about for the best help possible.

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What is Unique about Medical Care Alert?

Another of the qualities that make Medical Care Alert one of the best medical alert systems is their RemoteCare 24/7 app. This free app is one that is unique to the company.

The app shows authorized emergency contacts where you are now, as well as battery life, signal strength, and other features. This app accompanies the Home & Away system with GPS.

By pressing the More button on the app, authorized contacts can also see information on allergies, medical conditions, prescriptions, and doctors. There is even a “ping the device” option if the device has been misplaced within the home. For caregivers and families, the information within this app provides great peace of mind.

Medical Care Alert Conclusions

There is a lot to like about Medical Care Alert systems, including the variety available for in-home and while outside of the home. The prices are affordable, the pendants are shower safe, and there is optional automatic fall detection available.

The operators speak Spanish or English, they are based in U.S. call centers and are trained to handle emergency situations. Plus, the innovative RemoteCare 24/7 app provides authorized contacts with the ability to track the user so they can help ensure safety. With both landline and cellular systems available, we recommend looking at Medical Care Alert systems as an option for you or a loved one.

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