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LifeFone Review

Reviewed by: top 10 medical alert systems team
Jul 04 2024

LifeFone is a top medical alert system company that provides several options for seniors who live alone. As they have been operating for several decades, you likely recognize the name. So, how do their systems rate, from the features to the benefits, and are there any limitations? Get genuine answers in this LifeFone review.

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LifeFone’s Review: Top Features

After doing significant research on this top medical alert system, our team agrees that the top three features are:

  • Personalized profiles for customers
  • Duo at-home and on-the-go system
  • Extra caregiver tools

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What Products are Available?

Lifefone product lineup includes:

  • At-Home Landline (with Optional Fall Detection) – Includes a base unit and pendant system or wristband for 24/7 emergency service in and around the house
  • At-Home Cellular (with Optional Fall Detection) – No landline necessary, it works with AT&T’s cellular service; this system comes with a pendant or wristband for 24/7 service in an emergency in and around the house
  • At-Home and On-The-Go GPS (with Optional Fall Detection) – Features Voice-in-Necklace technology with two-way speakerphone; works on the AT&T network for 24/7 help
  • At-Home and On-The-Go GPS, Voice-in-Necklace (with Optional Fall Detection) – Protection in the house and across the country with a lightweight necklace that includes GPS and WiFi technology for immediate assistance

As shown above, LifeFone offers a combination of at-home and mobile systems for seniors. They also provide additional caregiver tools for the elderly or their caregivers to provide them with a well-rounded experience, as explained in the next section.

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LifeFone Review of Support

Countless customer reviews online rave about LifeFone customer service and support. A major area they receive great feedback from seniors and their caregivers is in the personal profile that they compile upon signing up for a subscription.

Personal Profiles

LifeFone accepts in-depth personal profiles from each senior customer for the purpose of crafting a custom care plan for them. These profiles stay on the customer’s profile so that the monitoring center operator can understand the senior’s needs as much as possible in the event of an emergency. They can then relay any vital information necessary to emergency response units if needed.

The profile includes several details, such as the senior’s health issues, medications, contact list (including emergency contacts), and doctors.

Caregiver Tools

In addition, LifeFone also provides more tools as needed for the user and caregiver to provide as useful an experience as possible. In addition to providing the support that you might seek from the company, these tools also provide peace of mind to the senior or the person caring for them.

Some examples of the caregiver tools available are:

  • Medication Reminders
  • Activity Assurance
  • Daily Check-in Calls
  • GPS Location Service
  • Email or text notifications for system events

These extras are not available with all personal emergency response systems. Also, if you want to cancel your subscription, you can do so at any time. We like that there is this option, if you ever want to stop the service.

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Ease of Use of This Top Medical Alert System

The LifeFone lineup is designed to be simple to use. That’s important given that seniors may not be tech savvy or able to articulate themselves well if they fall or have another type of emergency.

While they have been around for many decades, LifeFone has updated their lineup over the years as seniors’ needs change. That shows they listen to feedback from customers and are in tune with current expectations for personal emergency response systems.

Wearable Pendant

The wearable pendant is also lightweight so that it does not feel like it is a burden to wear all the time. You can even wear it in the shower as the help button is waterproof. That’s great given that a fall in the shower is a reality for anyone in their older years.

For the at-home systems, you receive a wearable call button on pendant or bracelet. Simply press it to connect with a trained operator in real time.

Two-way speaker

Have a two-way conversation using the speaker with microphone. The two-way system is great so that if either the senior or the LifeFone operator have a question then they can get an answer that can help provide them with better assistance. The microphone is highly sensitive so that the operator can hear the senior as clearly as possible.

After determining the need of the individual, the operator will immediately contact the appropriate response unit that can provide the best help response, such as an emergency medical technician.

US-based Monitoring

Also, it is a US-based monitoring service, so there is no worry about language barriers that you might have if they outsourced their call center.

Simple Installation

The system installations are simple too. For example, the at-home landline system only requires connecting the base unit to a power outlet and a phone line.

They are all designed for an individual to be able to do themselves at home. However, if you are not sure about anything, simply call the LifeFone customer agent for assistance.

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A Balanced LifeFone Review: Pros and any Drawbacks

LifeFone has been providing specialty services since 1976. Have decades of experience, including a base station unit which has a design they have kept over the years as it works well.

Variety of Offerings

The home and mobile systems are designed to suit many different senior needs, and preferences. The options include an at-home base unit, mobile unit that you can take outside of the house, and a duo that combines the two for the most coverage possible.

When home, the system operates like a normal at-home cellular system. Then, when the senior leaves the residence, simply take the mobile base unit, which is about the size of a playing card and has an SOS button on it. It includes GPS tracking so the call center can identify your location in the case of an emergency.

Different Phone Line Options

Upon signing up for a service plan, get 24/7 emergency support over a range of phone lines, depending on the chosen service plan. There are traditional residential phone lines, cable phone connections, VoIP services, and DSL internet connections.

Fall Detection

Another benefit is the fall detection buttons that can be added to each of their top medical alert systems. With the fall detection feature, a senior does not need to manually press as button as they would with the regular pendant.

Instead, if they are unable to press it or cannot speak, the automatic fall detection pendant will sense they have fallen and start an alarm call. This type of system is a great option for those who are at risk of losing consciousness or getting disoriented.

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Only for Seniors

A limitation, though, to point out in this LifeFone review is that their systems are only available to seniors. Thus, those who are younger yet want emergency medical support are excluded, although they could benefit from the services.

Great Range

On a more positive note, LifeFone offer a terrific range. For at-home landline and cellular systems, the maximum distance from the base unit that the help button will work is 1,300 feet.

That range can typically cover the entire interior of a home and its yard. To be sure, though, always test the button in areas that you often go within the house to make sure they work in case of an emergency.

Meanwhile, the other LifeFone systems range from 350 to 600 feet. For mobile systems with no base units, there are no range restrictions. The mobile type is designed to work across the US reliably using the AT&T national cellular network.


There are also competitive monthly rates for each of the top medical alert systems from LifeFone. That’s especially true for the low-cost standard at-home service. There are no activation or installation fees either.

Furthermore, spouses can be added to plan at no extra cost. The equipment for a second user is provided, and they will receive their own pendant or wristband.

LifeFone Review Conclusions

LifeFone offers a top medical alert system to seniors across the US. There are both at-home and mobile systems, as well as a duo that combines the two to provide the most coverage. As well, each one has an optional fall detection feature that you can add for more assurance of immediate help in the future if a fall should occur.

The systems are all competitively priced, and you can cancel at any time. Plus, they are easy to install and to use.

With a personalized profile set up upon your subscription signup, the LifeFone operator will have detailed information to be able to provide the best emergency response possible should an emergency happen at any point. Plus, the caregiver tools provide even more support from LifeFone. With so much in its favor, LifeFone deserves to have a high ranking in the Top 10 Best Medical Alert Systems.

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