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Alert1 Review

Reviewed by: top 10 medical alert systems team
Jan 13 2023

Finding the best medical alert system for you does not have to be overwhelming. To help you make the right choice, we review the leading systems in detail, from the top features to the quality of support, ease of use, and more. This Alert1 review covers all those details to help you come to an informed decision.

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Alert1 Review: What are the 3 Best Features?

As with our other best medical alert system reviews, we list the top features at a glance. They are:

  • Several in-home and mobile systems for users
  • Voice extender boxes for large homes
  • Fall alert pendant option


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Packages Available from the Best Medical Alert System

Alert1 offers several packages for seniors or others who want to use a personal monitoring service in case of an emergency. The options are:

  • Home – A landline is required for this in-home system, which features a base unit and shower-safe button (necklace or bracelet) with two-way communication that will contact the call center 24/7 in an emergency.
  • Home Fall Detection – A 24/7 landline or cellular system that includes a special pendant that alerts the base unit if the wearer falls (automatic fall detection) and has a two-way voice in the base unit.
  • On-the-Go – Called “Kelsi,” this mobile system is cellular-based. It provides the user with a pendant that has two-way communication and is showerproof.
  • On-the-Go Fall Detection – “Kelsi Pro,” as this best medical alert system is called, provides automatic fall protection using GPS tracking, Wi-Fi, and cellular networks, within the pendant. The 24/7 system uses AT&T or Verizon cellular networks.
  • On-the-Go + Home Fall Detection Bundle – A 24/7 system featuring a home fall detection base pendant and wristband (uses landline), as well as a mobile detection base and pendant (uses AT&T network). The showerproof pendant includes automatic fall protection using GPS technology, as well as two-way voice.

Alert1 provides its quality products and packages to Americans nation-wide.

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Another important point to mention in this Alert1 review is that the company outsources its call center rather than managing it themselves. Not every user will be comfortable with this, although the call center is in the U.S. It is based in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Online reviews for the support received there are overwhelmingly positive too.

With that said, Alert1 does provide fall alert as a very useful support for wearers who are away from home. If you were to fall and be unable to press the wearable button, the alert pendant notifies this feature automatically notifies the call center to send help to your location.

As well, another handy option is the voice extender boxes from Alert1. Simply ask the company for additional boxes (each one has an extra cost) for easier communications with the call center when you are far away from the standard base unit. If you have a bigger home, the extra boxes help to provide peace of mind.

Lastly, Alert1 regularly does test calls to ensure the systems are working, which we think is terrific in case there is a real emergency.


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Alert1 Review for Ease of Use

The Home medical alert system is wearable as a wristband or pendant, depending on your preference. It is designed to use simply by pressing a help button on the wearable device, which connects to the 24/7 emergency call center.

The responder then quickly sees the alert call and determines which team to send for assistance immediately. Remember that the wearable pendant in the basic Home and Home Fall Detection systems does not have two-way communication, however, it does connect the user to the 24/7 command center.

Two-Way Communication

With the Home Fall Detection system, the user gets two-way communication via the base unit only. There is the option to add voice extender boxes, though, which enable two-way conversations throughout the home.

The embedded microphone in the base unit is highly sensitive so that the senior’s voice is clearly heard by the call center specialist. The two-way speaker is as loud as a cell phone on speaker mode, and it enables the user to speak with the specialist for help.

The Kelsi, Kelsi Pro, and On-the-Go + Home Fall Detection Bundle all feature two-way communication in the wearable pendant. So, if this feature is important to you, then you will want to consider one of those three choices.

Simple Design

For seniors specifically, the easiness of the systems is sure to be appreciated, given that they may not have advanced knowledge of technology. While the systems use quality tech, they have an intuitive design and are not intimidating to use.


The wearable device is showerproof too so that it can be worn while bathing, which is when there is likely to be a fall for an older person. That feature extends its usefulness.

Easy Signup

Also, the signup process is straightforward, although there is no website chatbot to ask questions instantly. However, there is an accessibility menu in the lower-right side of the website instead.

The accessibility feature allows you to increase the size and legibility of the font, as well as changing the website in other ways to make it easier to read. A senior with deteriorating eyesight is one of the people who will appreciate this feature.

There is no multi-year contract to sign, and users can cancel at any time. However, any pre-paid fees for shipping or activation or not refundable, unfortunately.

Also, to receive a refund on any pre-paid fees, you must meet certain guidelines, including returning the medical alert device in like-new condition within 30 days of when you originally bought it. On a positive note, there are no cancellation fees.

*** Please note that such terms may be updated by the vendor. We therefore recommend to check the latest terms on Alert1 website.

Straightforward Installation

As for installing any of the Alert1 systems, they are designed to be simple for the user to do themselves in only a few steps. The website offers a setup guide with instructions, including video tutorials.

If you are not comfortable setting up the equipment yourself, Alert1 also offers a service where they send an installer to your home to complete the steps. Simply call them to schedule the appointment.

Assessing the Pros and Drawbacks

In our hunt for the best medical alert system, our team looks at the main benefits and any limitations too. On the plus side, Alert1 offers many different options for seniors and other users.

Range of Systems

There are both mobile and in-home options. While some other companies only offer one package for mobile or home, Alert1 has more than one package in each category.

Fall Alert

There is also an automatic fall alert pendant available. It detects if the user has fallen; if so, the pendant sends a signal to the monitoring center. While it is an extra monthly fee, this option is a good one to consider for a senior who is at risk of fainting or a concussion as they cannot press the help button in this type of situation yet obviously need help.

To save money on a system with a fall detection feature, users can buy annually (12 months) rather than month-to-month. The rate is cheaper by doing it this way.

A downside though, is that not every mobile system includes GPS tracking. The “Kelsi” system does not have this feature. 

Thus, if you are unable to voice where you are at the time of an accident or are unconscious, there could be issues with the call center locating you if you’re not home. There is not a fall protection option either.

However, you can get that reassurance by getting the “Kelsi Pro” system instead, which includes automatic fall detection and GPS location tracking. If you fall or are unconscious, then you are locatable when outside of the house.

Radius and Pricing

Another consideration when choosing the best medical alert system for you is the radius of the in-home system (from the wearable pendant or wristband to the home’s base unit). Alert1’s Home system has a 600-foot range for in-house, which is standard.

However, it is at a bit higher price than some other landline systems, and there are generally shipping and equipment charges. Thankfully, there are periodic promotions for free shipping and free equipment.

To reduce the system’s price, also consider pre-paying annually rather than monthly for a better rate. We appreciate that there are no activation or installation fees.

For the Home Fall Detection system, the range is slightly shorter than the Home system; it is 400 feet, rather than 600. If you require more range, then you might consider the Kelsi system.

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What Else Do You Need to Know in This Alert1 Review?

It’s important to point out that Alert1 has been around for a long time; it is certainly not a fly-by-night or shady operation. The company began in 1980 as AlertOne and soon established itself as a major provider locally.

Since then, the name has changed to Alert1, and it has grown to become a leader in the mid-Atlantic area. Today, the company serves Americans from coast to coast, and their online reviews show the positive reputation they have earned over the years.

The online reviews highlight the great customer service of the call center, as well as the quality of the equipment. The positive feedback is a big reason we put Alert1 on the best medical alert system list.

Also, if you want to sign up a second user, such as a spouse, who lives in the household, Alert1 lets you do so. You can save on a second user, with the option to add them right away at the time of signup.

A Unique Feature of the Best Medical Alert System

If you have a large home, you might want to consider adding voice extender boxes, which have been briefly mentioned earlier in this Alert1 review. They are add-ons to the in-home systems that are affordable in price.

The satellite speakerphones enable users to have two-way conversations with monitoring center specialists rather than having to do so through the base unit only. That is handy in a home with a large floorplan.

For example, you might add one in the basement. Each voice extender box requires a phone line connection and power connection to operate correctly. The boxes are easy to mount onto the walls or go onto tabletops.

Alert1 Review Conclusions

In addition to providing the traditional in-home personal emergency response system, Alert1 also offers mobile and automatic fall protection options for those who want more options. There are also unique voice extender boxes available for two-way communication in larger homes.

While the basic Home system’s price is higher and has fewer features than some others available, Alert1 has a reputation for excellent customer service and quality devices. You can also reduce the cost by waiting for promotions and buying yearly rather than month-to-month.

With fall alert options, as well as easy installation of the systems and great support from the U.S.-based call center, there is a lot to like about Alert1. We consider it among our favorites for the best medical alert system.

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